Monday, August 4, 2014

NSOC Platte River Run!

Photo courtesy of Knightsabre75
Had a great time this weekend with local Subaru owners meeting up and taking a spin around some roads nearby the Platte River.  The route is the same as the first one I ever organized with the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club back in April of 2012.  It may not be the longest route or be the most exciting, but it's easy to take big groups through and it doesn't take all day to do.  About 30 Subarus of all shapes and sizes gathered, along with two Evos and a BMW.  We met in a parking lot at the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall, took some pictures and talked cars, and then set out on the route.

Near the end of the route, we stopped by the Strategic Air & Space Museum for some more photos.  It was nice taking pictures of rockets with rockets in the background!  At the conclusion, a few folks managed to stick around to go grab dinner together while others jetted off for other plans that evening.

It was a great event with no real hiccups or issues, so it was nice to close out the weekend with a flawless meet!

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