Wednesday, August 13, 2014

11 Months

It's hard to believe, but this project is nearly a year in the making!  While there's still much more work to be had, I realized how far the car had come in that time.  I thought I'd take a step back and recall everything that has happened since last September.

Matching Wheels & Tires
New Rear Wheel Bearings
New Clutch Slave
2002 WRX Wagon Rear Crossmember
2004 STI Exhaust
KYB Exel-G Struts w/RS Springs
Aluminium Front Control Arms
Primitive Front Skid Plate
Primitive Rear Diff Skid Plate
Gorilla Top-Mount Cold Air Intake
Replaced Drivers door
Repaired windshield frame/New Windshield
Patched hole in the floor
Clear Headlights, Corner Lights, Side Markers
New Hood & Front Drivers-side Fender
Version 6 Grille
Version 6 Front Seats
Duracon Shift Knob w/Leather Boot
New OEM Carpet

Major preparations to repair the severely rusted Rear Quarter Panels have been made, but new metal won't be welded in until September.  Still, it's not the same car it was a year ago!

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