Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Subaru wins at my Home

I've lived in Nebraska for awhile now, but I still consider my "home" where I grew up and where most of my family lives.  So when the RallyAmerica National Championship added the Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds event to their schedule, I got a little excited.  The Auto Road climbing to the peak of Mount Washington is home to one of the oldest motorspot events in the United States, but it also takes place in the heart of my childhood: New Hampshire.

Earlier, David Higgins set off through that winding road setting a record that would be tough to beat.  Travis Pastrana had set a record just before David... so both are now nipping at the heels of their previous success.  Mix in the fact that the record was set with a lighter, less restrictive class car... and this year's event made for a harrowing challenge to the returning record-holder.  Teams scaled the mountain all weekend making passes and attempts on this dangerous road, gaining points in this special round of the RallyAmerica series.  In the end, David somehow managed to beat his previous record to win the event and leave a new number to beat.  6 Minutes, 11.5 Seconds. This week's episode of Launch Control covers this event, but there's another win for Subaru Rally Team USA that hits home again!

The New England Forest Rally puts Subaru in my neck-of-the-woods and adds to their victorious tour of the area.  A 1st Place win for Higgins/Drew and a 2nd Place finish for Pastrana/Beavis secured more than just top points for the team.  This win mathematically locks Higgins as the RallyAmerica Champion for the 2014 season, as well as the Manufacturers Title for Subaru.

These events tease the fact that I've still never had the pleasure of driving a Subaru in New England before.  Memories of my parents driving my sister and I through Franconia Notch to see the Old Man of the Mountain, going hiking through the mountains, taking a quick swim in a cold stream of runoff water, and watching the cars drive up Mt Washington as we ascended it by means of the Cog Railway, they're all wonderful times.  I can't help but think that now, with my newfound love in Subaru, that visiting those familiar mountains would be an awesome combination.  Not even to race or anything competitive, but just to take those roads places I haven't found yet.  These cars just bring out the adventurer in me, so it'd be fun to put those two bits together.  Maybe I'll even manage to drive up the Auto Road that Pastrana and Higgins battled on!

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