Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Death of a Grinding Wheel

As I've been working on restoring the rear quarter panels on the RS Project Car, I noticed I'm going through these orange grinding wheels quite often!  The deeper I dig into this, the more rust I find... and the more I put these things to use!  Upon further inspection, the once-good drivers side has turned out to be almost as bad as the passenger side, so a good deal of cutting and grinding have gone into both sides to clear out the rust and junk that has collected over the years.  Many owners with older Subarus suffering from rear quarter panel rust may not realize just how far the rust spreads on these, as it's really only visible near the bumper line.  However, as these pictures show, it has extended all the way down to the bottom bumper clips and even into the wheel well.

The front end should be going back together before the weekend is here.  Then, on Saturday, new metal will start getting welded in.  If it takes longer than anticipated, there's additional time in the weeks to come.  Plus, they'll be getting repainted too, so it'll be a little longer before those are 100% squared away.

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