Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas STIs ordered in July

Working at a Subaru Dealership, I am asked on a daily basis "Do you have any 2015 WRXs or STIs?"  At this rate, I should have a rehearsed response for this, as it'll likely be the same until the 2016 models come out.  Why?  Because this vehicle is in such high demand that every inbound rally-bred unit is a customer-ordered vehicle now.  As of this post, eight AWD Rocketships will find their way to our dealership and go to their respective homes... but those won't all be here tomorrow.  Some of these orders were placed in June or July and they aren't expected to arrive until November and December.

Customers often ask to "look at one", but there's a better chance of seeing one out on the road than at a dealership right now.  The closest one to Omaha (where I work) is in Wichita, KS.  It's the ONLY one in a 5-state area (NE, IA, SD, MO, SD).  This varies from region to region, but WRX demand has always been high... and there never seems to be enough allocated to dealerships to keep up.  And yet, all you read are great articles and reviews and head-to-head competitions in magazines and online.  With all that exciting information, demand has never been higher for this car... but there's little-to-no information out there regarding how difficult it is to get these cars.  Diehard fans and new interests alike come in droves to dealerships hoping to roll off the lot with these cars who are quickly disappointed to find that they're nearly half a year out-of-reach.

With demand still high and orders getting placed every week, it's only a matter of time before Subaru puts a stop to orders for the 2015 model.  If a car ordered in July will be here in December, it's likely that the cutoff point will be in October at the latest, as orders taken past that point would already be into the 2016 model year.  This means that prospective owners will have a tough time between Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015 finding either the WRX or WRX STI as they won't be able to order one and all of the inbound units are sold orders from the summer.

On the flip-side, if you're a 2015 WRX or WRX STI owner and you're not as attached to your car as you thought you'd be, you can probably make every penny you spent on your car BACK by privately selling it now... and then some.  Of course, every owner I've talked with absolutely loves their car, so I doubt that will be happening much!

No hatchback model?  "Looks like an Evo X"?  It doesn't seem to be negatively effecting the demand for the latest WRX.

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