Thursday, May 8, 2014 I made one instead!

The new 2015 WRX is a fantastic leap forward for the iconic rally-bred Subaru... but if there's one thing fans have been missing, it's the option for a Hatchback.  Since the WRX hit US soil in 2002, there has been an option to have this great car in either a 4-Door Sedan format or a 5-Door Hatchback/Wagon format.  Even in 2008 when the STI was only offered in a Hatchback, you could still get a sedan WRX.  However, with 2015... some of the WRX faithful were a bit saddened to see their beloved Hatchback option go away.

There have been renderings and rumors and all sorts of "They'll never make it again" or "They'll have it again in like two years or something" babblings that have been swirling around the new whip.  I'm among the hopeful fans that Subaru will bring back the 5-Door option for those who want an Anti-Mullet.  Party in the Front.  Business in the Back.

Well, that's where my Impreza Project comes in handy.  Since I purchased it in 2012, I've been "WRX-tifying" it with bits and pieces.  From 2011+ WRX wheels to the quad-tip exhaust, it's mostly been aesthetic changes with a few tweaks to suspension so far.  At the time, no-one expected Subaru to axe the Hatchback, so it really was sort of a "I-can't-afford a WRX"project for me.  I had entertained the idea of trading it in for a real WRX by the time the new ones came out... but with that option gone, the project really has more of a purpose now.

I'm not sure how far I'll take it.  I know the next bit will be adding these LED tail lights off of an XV Crosstrek Hybrid.  A full swap for powertrain would be nice... but I'll need to get more miles out of the econobox motor and transmission before I consider that.  The idea is to keep MAKING it the car Subaru shouldn't have done away with until one of two things happens.  The first, is that I swap in a Turbocharged Boxer 4 and a 6-Speed Manual Transmission.  The second, obviously, is Subaru beats me to it and brings back the Hatch.  With any luck, this project will trigger Murphy's Law and jinx the hatchback WRXback into existence.  Until then, it's full steam ahead with my pretend one!

Check out the progress of this Impreza in this Flickr Album.  You can also see a full list of all the modifications made to this so far on the Build Page.

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