Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oregon Trail Rally on Ep 2.4

The second season of "Launch Control" continues with coverage of the 2014 Oregon Trail Rally.  Episode 2.4 starts off with a look at the new STI for the Nürburgring coming up in June.  Higgins and Bucky are on hand to check out the new 2015 WRX STI at Laguna Seca.

At the rally, the episode chronicles the struggles Higgins battles through with a few early setbacks as well as the return of Jon Buffum to the team.  The competition between teammates is high as both Higgins and Pastrana are aiming for the top of the podium.  I remembered watching the results come in on RallyAmerica's site and couldn't really believe how things ended from the pace that had been set before.  Seeing the coverage that Formula Photographic managed for this episode tells the story we miss from the times posted for each stage.  I think that's what I enjoy most about this online series, and this latest installment is no different!

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