Monday, July 29, 2013

Because Rally Car Wannabe

What do you get when you have All Wheel Drive, a Subaru Rally Team USA t-shirt, and the latest episode of "Launch Control" on your iPod?  The urge to find some David Higgins-worthy roads!  Well, that's exactly what I did this weekend... and I have no regrets.  Sure the traction control and VDC was going nuts and I might have scraped the bottom a few times around some not-so-even roads, but man it's fun having such a capable little car!

I really should've spent this extra time that I had installing the RallyArmor UE flaps that I picked up months ago to help "protect" my car from my adventurous spirit, but truth be told, the dirt roads were much more forgiving than gravel normally is.  I never really had found roads quite like these before and, while I'm certain I wasn't supposed to be there and that they'll eventually turn into paved roads for some fancy-pants neighborhood, I seized the carpe and had me a little 100 Acre Wood Rally.

On the one hand, I'd love to find a way to completely disable all the VDC/traction control stuff to really take the reigns off, but it probably kept me from going overboard with it.  Either way, I got quite the rush maneuvering my AWD beast through those roads.  I'm happy to have a car that can handle the crazy courses I put it through!

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