Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Turbo XV for Subaru?

I mentioned a "STI" Crosstrek in my last article, but after rewatching an episode of Subaru's Launch Control YouTube series, there might actually be a production-based Subaru XV out there.  In Episode 5 of this season, "Made in America", David Higgins and Craig Drew are using a blue XV for their Recce car to check out the stages and make notes for the rally in China.  As they drive away you can clearly see a scoop in the center of the hood of their XV.  The interior shows a CVT shift knob, but I've yet to see a factory hood scoop on this generation of XV / Impreza.  Typically a hood scoop on a Subaru signals the use of an intercooler which would be used on a turbocharged engine.  WRXs, some Foresters, and other turbocharged models Subaru has made over the years have this feature... so it got me searching for more!

I can't seem to find any other information on this just yet.  A quick look around the Subaru-China website for the XV (called the Crosstrek here in the US) doesn't seem to bring anything up showing any models equipped as such.  Subaru Rally Team China fielded a turbocharged Crosstrek prepared by Vermont SportsCar to compete in this series, but the Recce car shouldn't have also been prepared unless there's something different with rally regulations in China I am unaware of.  Even the rally car brought over by Vermont SportsCar didn't have a hood scoop, so it's just been kind of puzzling to me.

I'll keep digging for info on this.  In the meantime, if any of you have more information on this scooped XV, leave a comment!  I'd love to find out more and share it!


  1. That's just a fake scoop. The car is owned by subaru rally team china as the daily car and actually they just changed the hood.

    1. Surprised to hear the factory China team has an aftermarket hood. Thanks for the confirmation, though. What a bummer!