Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Lawn-Mower Bowl (10/18/15)

The Project car lives to fight another day!  I managed to pull another podium finish with my '00 Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe!  October 18th marked the 5th NRSCCA Rallycross of the season with nice temperatures, dry conditions, and a challenging course.  My RS was in Prepared AWD (PA) and had a few hiccups right from the start.  When I arrived at the event, my coolant overflow tank had thrown up because of a backup or clog somewhere in the system.  Thankfully, after it let through on it's own (magically), and after topping off the coolant, we had an issue-free day of racing.  Well... until we de-beaded a tire.  Turns out the pressure in my gravel tires was a bit too low and we knocked it off on a long left-hand turn.  Very minimal damage to the car and we were able to limp it back to the pits and seal it back up for the rest of the day thanks to some help from fellow drivers.

The event originally didn't have a name, whereas all the other events have been "Tornado Bowl", "Chili Bowl", "Mud Bowl", and so on.  Since there were no rallycross events from June until October, the site had plenty of time to overgrow with prairie grass and weeds.  As such, the first round of races were essentially mowing down the grass until, by the end of the event, there was nothing but dry dirt with grass cleared off to either side.  I dubbed the event the "Lawn-Mower Bowl" as such.

My RS managed to finish 1st in PA and 3rd overall!  Very proud to have such a great result despite the early issues we had.  I've got two weeks to sort out the coolant problem before the last rallycross event of the season, so I'll need to act quickly in case we need to order any parts.  Looking forward to the next one, but for now... I'm just gonna enjoy these nice photos from GotCone.com


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