Friday, October 16, 2015

Carving through Canyons

There's a road that literally cuts through the hillside that is absolutely breathtaking.  It's even more fun GETTING there, too!  That's why we rounded up a bunch of Subarus and set off to go find it before the sun set.  Some WRXs (new and old), two XV Crosstreks, a Legacy GT Wagon, and my RS Coupe weaved through gravel and dirt roads through the Waubonsie Scenic Byway south of Glenwood, IA.  When the dust had cleared, we were caught walking through these canyons of dirt carved into the side of the hill.  It's an incredible place, even for someone who has been here dozens of times.  There's something special about this road.

We also managed to get some fun running shots of our Subie friends gunning it through these awesome roads.  We drove in and out of the canyon until it was too dark for photos and called it a night.  What a wonderful time getting Subarus dirty in this jaw-dropping place!

IMG_9109 IMG_9154 IMG_9115 IMG_9219

See all of our adventures through the Waubonsie Scenic Byway in this Flickr Album!

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  1. I have the Legacy GT Wagon, too, and it can certainly handle all those canyons. Mine runs better than some 4x4 vehicles in my town. When it snows, we are one of the only vehicles on the road not slipping or sliding around. We bought ours used and it still had the warranty package in place.