Monday, September 14, 2015

Start Right in Rallycross

When I first started doing rallycross with my '00 Subaru Impreza RS Coupe, I found it much easier to get into thanks to support of fellow drivers that were there.  The guys and gals there were eager to answer my questions and help out with things and it was a very inviting atmosphere.  Combine that with the rush of adrenaline felt in the first event and I was hooked.  As I continued to attend events, I found that the help extended beyond driving advice and tips.  They were co-driving with me, helping from the passenger seat to get a better idea of how to go through the course.  They were lending a hand with tire changes and on-site repairs if needed.  They were making me want to come back again and again.

I know others that are new to this sport could use that kind of support, so I'm spearheading something to help promote our local rallycross program with the NRSCCA with fellow Subaru owners.  For the next two events (October 18th & November 1st) members of the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club (NSOC) will take rallycross veterans and newbies alike together to finish out the 2015 schedule strong.  The plan is to help make things easier for newer participants with necessary advice, tools, and equipment.  By cruising to the location together, new drivers will be more familiar with where to go and park and set up.

  • Meet up at Fantasy's Food N Fuel (7828 S 123rd Plaza La Vista, NE 68128) at 8:30am
  • Drive together to I-80 Speedway (13909 238th St, Greenwood, NE 68366) at approx 9:00am
  • Prepare vehicles - change tires, check fluid levels, make necessary adjustments
  • Walk the Course - veterans will help new drivers familiarize themselves with the course
  • Co-Driving Opportunities - new drivers can ride along with seasoned veterans to gain advice and experience
  • Mid-Day Evaluation - At the lunchbreak, new drivers can assess their progress and pick up more tips to improve on their times before the second half of the event
  • Teardown Assistance - gather up cones and flags, help swap tires back and load gear back up before departure.
Most of these sort of things already happen, but most people that are new to rallycross don't know what to expect.  I think more people would participate knowing that there will be support and assistance to make the day great.  Technically, it's what we already do, but by promoting this event and spreading the word about what we do and going through what they can expect, it's much more inviting to new drivers.

The aim is to get more drivers to attend and help grow the program, but we can't do that without retaining participants.  I think that by providing a supportive environment to everyone that we can get more people to return event after event for rallycross.

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