Monday, October 20, 2014

NSOC Fall Meet!

Usually the dealership is closed on Sundays and the only people on the lot are lurking about trying to figure out why on earth a car maker would offer every vehicle with All-Wheel Drive standard (except those crazy BRZs).  This time, the lot was filled to the brim with a colorful variety of new and old Subarus alongside their equally unique owners!  It's the Fall Meet for the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club!

Over 30 cars and their owners showed up to this great event held up at Stan Olsen Subaru in Omaha, NE.  WRXs, Legacies, Foresters, STIs, and everything else in-between made quite the showing as owners checked out other local Subies and caught up with old friends (and made some new ones!)  Once everyone had gathered, a familiar rumble filled the air as cars lined up to head out on a scenic cruise route through the hills.  After the twists and turns, the group landed at the Florence Mill just before the Iowa/Nebraska border to wrap things up.  A few more photos, a few more faces to learn, and talks of where the next event might take us, things couldn't have gone better!  It was a wonderful way to enjoy the perfect fall weather before things get chilly!

While some owners pack their pristine machines away for the winter, others (myself included) are making preparations to hoon on the inevitably snowy roads coming in the days ahead!  This cruise is always a sign of the changing season from the track-day weekends of Summer to the winter-beater months on this frozen Midwest tundra!  Whatever the plans, the Fall Meet is always a great way to transition and keep in touch with our fellow owners and friends!

Here's a link to all the photos I took at this event!
2014 NSOC Fall Meet

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