Monday, September 1, 2014

RS Revival: One Year in the Books

On September 6th of 2013, this 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe started a long journey toward recovery.  This "RS Revival" has seen quite a bit of progress from that day that it changed hands to nearly a year later.  Today, when that new motor fired up for the first time and it wasn't shaking uncontrollably under the hood... it just hit me how this car has improved by leaps and bounds.

With this rebuilt 2.5L SOHC Boxer Engine breathing new life into this car, it sort of acts as a placeholder for a years-worth of work on this car.  The work has not been a solo act.  There's a long list of great people who have helped get this car to where it is today.  From simple advice to help working on it to sourcing parts, there's not only communities that I've tapped into that have contributed... but also a great little community that has gathered around this car that continues to grow.  I've really enjoyed working on this car in their company so far and I am convinced we would be nowhere near the point we are now without them.

The photos below really tell the story of where this car came from and the journey it's had up to this point.  As it continues to improve, it's neat to look back and see the progress that has unfolded in that short year.

There's still more to come with this car.  For now, this is a good point to pause.  The new motor is fantastic.  The body isn't trash.  The interior is a nice place to be.  It's just an all-around better car than it was when we started.  I'm very proud to see how far it's come and am excited to continue working on this great little Subaru!

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