Monday, September 29, 2014

2015 Impreza Facelift

It's a formula that worked well for the 2013 Legacy and Outback that's coming next to an Impreza near you!  The 2015 Subaru Impreza is set for a facelift midway through it's generational lifetime.  The 4th Generation Impreza, which made it's debut as a 2012 model, has been received remarkably well thanks to it's new grown-up look and great gas mileage paired with the All-Wheel Drive system we already love and know.  Much like Subarus before it, the Impreza will see small updates inside and out to give it a little more competitive edge for the next two years until it is replaced by the 5th Generation model in 2017.

Announced on September 25th, the 2015 Impreza will have an updated front facia and interior, as well as incorporate EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology, joining the ranks of the Forester, Outback, and Legacy for that "Top Safety Pick +" category by the IIHS.  As with all 2015 Subaru models, it will have a standard rear-vision camera displayed on it's new touchscreen radio.  The tachometer has been updated, as well has taking up a sharper rear spoiler for sedan models.  The new facia has some obvious cues from the Impreza and WRX concepts that enthusiasts have been clamoring for, which is nice to see coming through as Subaru moves ahead.  They have also managed to wring out another MPG or two with the design, likely from the new aerodynamics of the revised front-end.

Click the link below for my personal take on the changes here and where the Impreza lineup may be headed!

In 2012, the 4th Generation Impreza design was the hot-ticket item for Subaru.  A fuel-efficient AWD car that cost about the same as a Civic or Focus made people take another look at Subaru.  These cars were (and still are) hard to get because of the demand for them as new owners were attracted to the idea of having that awesome grip of All-Wheel Drive while not being punished at the pump.  I would know, as I was one of them!

2012 Impreza Unveil
Every time that Impreza gets redesigned, it's improvements find their way into it's other brothers and sisters.  There was an obvious lineage with the XV Crosstrek in 2013, but it still managed to cause quite the stir in the Crossover market.  The new Forester redesign was a huge hit, claiming it's second "SUV of the Year" award from Motor Trend.  3 Years later and just over halfway through it's design lifetime, the 4th Generation Impreza has taken another step forward, but most of these are borrowed parts if you look closely.  Inside, the new tachometer is out of a 2015 Subaru WRX, as are the silver-lined dashboard vents.  It has the WRX's spoiler on the sedan models, too.  The gear shifter and boot are out of the 2015 Forester Touring model.  The silver trim on the door panels was seen first in the 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid.   In just a few years, the "new" Impreza has suddenly been updated by those that it paved the way for, which is an interesting role-reversal if you ask me.  Still, it does have a new touch-screen in the center of the dash that, in turn, will likely find it's way into the other vehicles again.   This trend of "new" bits and recycled parts from other vehicles is a common trait for Subaru.

With the new front facia's obvious cues from the widely celebrated concepts that fans have been teased with at recent auto shows, it's also a sign of more aggressive styling.  It's not often that designs from the concept reflect so directly into the production model, but the rumors that "Subaru's next Impreza will look more like the Concept" seem like they're on-pace with this latest revision.  And if this is the direction the Impreza is headed, well, we can only assume other models (like the WRX) will follow suit.

This 4th Generation Impreza design will be the last Impreza built in Japan for the US Market.  Production of the 2017 model Impreza, which will be built in the US alongside the Outback and Legacy, will also supposedly mark the start of the "Subaru Global Platform".    What better way to kick off this new modular platform than with the Lego-master Impreza?  We'll see more than just shared parts between the Impreza's current brothers and sisters as this new chapter for Subaru will cover every model they make.  Even the rumored 7-Passenger that Subaru is trying out again will, in some way shape or form, have an Impreza at it's core.  I think this revised 4th Generation for 2015 is more than just following the trend that has worked well for Subaru before.  It's hinting at so much more that's on the way!


  1. I had an original 2002 WRX. Since the 2009 year they've gotten uglier and uglier. I haven't returned to subaru since 2002. You know why?

    1. And there are folks who think the 2002 wasn't so easy on the eyes either. Not sure why 2009 on up they've gotten uglier, since the 3rd generation Impreza design started in 2008, but now I'm nitpicking. I pray you haven't been avoiding Subaru on looks alone.