Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Added Exposure for Rally

Another episode of Launch Control went up this morning!  The beginning and tail end of this latest installment cover the Global Rallycross team with Bucky, Sverre, and Travis at X Games, but it's actually the coverage at Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Wellsboro, PA that made me appreciate this series even more.  Why?  The added exposure of other great teams competing in the Rally America Championship, and it's always what this sport needs more of.

Adam Yeoman, Matt Conte, Rob Weir, Dillon VanWay, Nick Roberts, Ryan Wilcox, there's a lot of great faces with well-deserved recognition and publicity that make it into this episode.  It's something that the sport continually needs: exposure.  Between the added coverage that Subaru, NBC Sports, and online YouTube Channels, Rally is making good progress on gaining attention that will help sponsorships that these teams need to compete and keep at it.  In the US, rally is still largely unknown for motorsport fans, so National attention is always a plus.  Icons that run with the Subaru team like Bucky Lasek and Travis Pastrana also draw in attention from other sports.  Whether Bucky is skateboarding for another medal or Travis is off with the Nitro Circus, their fans follow them from sport to sport.  When they land on Rally, it's just another couple thousand at a time that can discover it.

Any time there's a picture up on Reddit, a video on YouTube, a commercial on NBC Sports, whether it's for Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Scion, for any team or any driver, it's just another step forward for this sport.  And, in a small way, I hope the articles I write on this blog might also help a little!

The talent is there.  The events are happening each year.  Now it's gaining the exposure it needs to grow even further.  So when I saw those drivers showing up in Launch Control today, it was just a reminder of the great direction Rally is taking in the US.

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