Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Midwest Subaru Meet

While Subaru owners on the east coast were celebrating their annual "Wicked Big Meet", folks from Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota had put together our first-ever Midwest Subaru Meet!  Roughly 60 Subarus arrived in force in Sioux City, IA where we cruised to a scenic overlook just south of Vermillion, SD.  Then we traveled back to Ponca, NE to visit their State Park with windy roads woven into bluffs along the side of the Missouri River.  It was a fantastic day and we even managed to avoid a looming thunderstorm that was in the area.  There were so many great cars, beautiful views, and friendly owners that, at the conclusion of our 6-hour meet, everyone was leaving with big smiles!

There was a pretty wide range of Subies in attendance, ranging from early 90s Imprezas all the way up to the newest 2015 WRX.  We managed to line up a '01 Impreza RS, an '02 WRX, '04 STI, '07 STI, '09 WRX, '13 WRX Hatchback, and the new '15 WRX together to nab all of the bodystyles this iconic car has taken on in it's 20-year history.  The 2015 WRX was VERY new, both to us and to it's owner, as it had just been purchased last week.

Many of the cars that were there had been modified in some way shape or form, so it was a very unique group, despite the size of the turnout.  It's always fun seeing what other folks have done with their cars to suit them.  From roll-caged rally-prepped monsters to sleek street cars to family-mobiles, it was quite the testament to the wide range of people that love these cars.

This was probably the most amount of driving I've done for a meet.  I led a group up from Omaha through the Loess Hills Scenic Byway to the meeting point in Sioux City, IA (about 2 hours away).  Then we jumped the bridge over the Missouri to head to the overlook near Vermillion, SD.  After that, we drove down to Ponca State Park and spent almost an hour through the twisting turning roads that wind through there.  After everything was said and done, we covered about 70 miles for the meet alone!

This event has been in the works for several months now.  Members of the Subaru Enthusiasts (Nebraska) group, Midwest Subaru Owners Club, Siouxland Subaru Club, and Tri-State Subarus came together to plan the event and spread the word to bring all these cars to the first (of hopefully many) big regional meets!

Big thanks to all the folks behind the scenes who made this event happen!

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