Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Launch Control: Season 2 Starts!

The second season of Subaru's "Launch Control" series is back!  I loved the first season of this behind-the-scenes look at Rally with the Subaru teams.  Both SRT USA and the Puma GRC Team were thrilling to watch in their pursuit of victory in the 2013 season.  This year the stakes are even higher with new faces, new cars, and new obstacles!

If you missed Season 1, click >this link< to get caught up with the action.  Season 2 episodes will also be added to that.  I've embedded the new episode below.  Every other Wednesday (starting April 16th), there will be a new episode posted!

As if I didn't already look forward to Wednesdays with the Weekly Meets held here at my dealership, now this great series is back!

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