Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Global Rallycross WRX STI!

Acronyms were invented for times like this.  The Global Rally Cross World Rally eXperiment Subaru Tecnica International is at the New York International Auto Show!  Or... The GRC WRX STI is at NYIAS!  Either way you cut it, the 2014 season for Subaru Rally Teams are gonna have a lot of fun.

Both teams have started this years competition using the tried-and-true 3rd Generation WRX, but this is a transitional year with the new kid on the block.  Vermont Sportscar has been working with the 4th Generation WRX design to see what it can do and what they need to do to prepare it for two similar... and yet very different disciplines.  Two for the Rally America series to be used by David Higgins and Travis Pastrana and two for the Puma GRC team with Bucky Lasek and Sverre Isachsen.  Both teams are expected to transition to the new chassis as soon as development and testing are completed later this year.

The one pictured is a Rallycross-Spec car with a custom widebody kit, modified spoiler, and all the usual rallycross modifications, such as seats, tires, rollcage, etc. While there weren't any engine specs available, since this is a GRC car, I would imagine it's using a 2.0 liter boxer... so this may be using a motor that's more similar to the new 2015 WRX with the FA design instead of the tried-and-true EJ design that's in the US-spec WRX STI.

Head on over to SubieSport to see more photos of the new look for Subaru's rally teams!

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