Monday, March 6, 2017

2018 Crosstrek = Lifted Impreza again

Another auto show is approaching, which means blogs and websites are counting on clickbait to drive their pageviews.  They'll tout the "All-New Crosstrek" featuring new sweeping lines and aggressive styling over it's predecessor, but for those hoping the new Crosstrek is more than a lifted Impreza Hatchback donning some beefy wheel archs, it's gonna be that again.

Granted, this really isn't that much of a problem.  The new 2017 Subaru Impreza, built on the new Subaru Global Platform (SGP) has been received well and this new Crosstrek (XV in international markets) will benefit the same.  Like the previous generation Impreza and Crosstrek, they'll share the much of the same in this latest incarnation.  The hood, roof, hatch, headlights tail lights, all four doors, all the glass, and the entire interior will be shared between the two cars.  The roof rails on the new 2018 Crosstrek will also carry over from the Premium and Limited Impreza Hatchback models.  The main changes are in suspension, ride height, structural adjustments, wheels (which look nifty in the teaser photo) front and rear bumper, and the wheel arch moldings.  As with before, the Crosstrek's tougher exterior gives off more of an off-road warrior look to the Impreza's smoother flowing lines.

More details will emerge during the Geneva auto show this week and I'm looking forward to seeing what aesthetic changes have been made between the two.  Regardless of the similarities, the Crosstrek will likely continue to lead the Compact Crossover SUV segment.

EDIT: The 2018 Crosstrek has been revealed!  See?  It's the same formula as before.

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