Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Fling 2016

The Nebraska Subaru Owners Club held the annual "Spring Fling" this weekend under sunny skies and comfortable temperatures that made turbochargers happy.  Around 60 cars and 80 people made it out to the event which featured a car show, scenic cruise route, cookout, and prize giveaway for the 4-hour event.  Subaru owners gathered at the Florence Mill and lined the lot with cars.  The usual run of WRXs and WRX STIs saw some unique beauties sprinkled in.

Owners from all around met up for the car show before lining up for the cruise.  Mid-May proved to be a perfect time for lush trees and flowers lining most of the 70-mile Scenic Route led by organizers of the event.  These twisty turny roads in Florence, Fort Calhoun, and Blair are a favorite among local enthusiasts.  There were lots of compliments on the route afterwards... and for good reason!

The route finished at NP Dodge Park where Subies lined the parking lot again and gathered for freshly grilled food at the cookout.  Owners mingled, played games, and ate food together before lining up for giveaway prizes at the end of the event.

Great turnout, cool cars, and a fun event overall left everyone with smiles.  This is the largest event the NSOC has had for a Spring Fling event so the bar has been set high for future events!!  The next big event in the area is the Boxers @ Baxter event in July, so there's a lot of good momentum going into that event this summer with the great feedback from the Spring Fling.

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