Tuesday, November 4, 2014

RS Revival: Rear End Sealed Up!

Just days before the Rallycross event held on November 2nd, the RS was not looking like it was race-ready!  Thanks to the help of Russ' Garage and MT Heads, we rebuilt both rear quarter panels on this coupe in time to compete.  It wasn't easy, especially considering how bad the passenger side rust was.  However, because we re-used metal from the damaged fender when the RS struck a deer back in October, following the fender lines wasn't all that hard to do.

IMG_4116They did an awesome job welding and rebuilding the fenders.  The passenger side saw the worst rust, so there was a lot to replace there.  Once the metal was in, we used body filler and smoothed out each side.  Then we used seam sealer to follow along each new panel line to block out mother nature.  After the body filler had been sanded over, we went over all of the new metal with self-etching primer, some silver paint, and closed it all up.

Instead of trying to blend factory paint together, the silver paint underneath was simply put down for graphics to stick to.  Right now, the RS has a quick Plasti-Dip job over each fender to cover it up until some rally-esque vinyl graphics can be put on.

The rest of the photos can be seen in the gallery below!

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