Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iowaska Cruise #2

Last year, I combined two of my favorite asphalt-only cruise routes in Nebraska and Iowa on either side of the Missouri River into one gigantic route. It took almost two hours from start to finish, but it was nice to just hit the road and enjoy the company of fellow Subarus along some awesome twists and turns. Well, we did that route again... retracing that same route with our 2nd "Iowaska Cruise".

The event was held by the Nebraska Subaru Owners Club, but other Subaru groups in the area also joined us. Folks from the Midwest Association of Car Enthusiasts, the Iowa Subaru Club, and the Siouxland Subaru Club met up with us to start out the route. There were between 25-30 Subarus there as well as a misplaced BMW, Monte Carlo, and an SRT Jeep.

We met up at 2pm, rolled out half-an-hour later, and finished out the route around 5:30. Just a great day cruising some scenic roads alongside some great cars!

This route, while it retraced the original, was a little different. We certainly had better turnout for this one than we did when we first did this route, and with a lot of new faces around, I decided to make a little change from our usual format. There's a portion of road along this route that's a LOT of fun to drive, but it has a small stretch of gravel road in the middle of it. For me, that's no big deal, but there are a lot of folks who don't like to get their cars dirty or scuffed up from the gravel. To give folks an opportunity to check out my favorite road in the state, we decided to do split up the group. The split was nearly even, too! The adventerous Subies followed me through the windy roads of Ft. Calhoun and Blair while the garage queens cruised on ahead on their rock-free highway. We met back up in a parking lot, regrouped, and set back out to finish the rest of the route together. The transition was a great time for folks to chat about the cruise so far and take some photos again.

It really was a great event! Lots of awesome cars, great people, decent weather, a fun route with no real issues or delays, and just the way to ring in Spring!

You can see all the photos I took from this event in this Flickr Set> Iowaska Cruise #2

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