Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sway with Me

16mm Stock RSB w/Stock Endlinks
19mm STi RSB w/Kartboy Endlinks
When I first got my car, there were no endlinks or swaybar.  Mounting points existed to hook them up, but Subaru didn't include them on the base model Imprezas.  So, when I started working at a dealership, I managed to nab a stock rear sway bar (16mm), endlinks, and all the hardware to hook 'em up.  The stock setup provided some nice control in turns, but it was still pretty soft for spirited driving, as most factory setups are.

After doing some research and seeing what other 4th Gen Impreza owners were doing with suspension setups, I decided to nail it down and move in on some KartBoy Endlinks and a 19mm STi Rear Swaybar.  Install was pretty easy, though we had trouble with the stock endlinks, as they appeared to have been installed upside-down.  Fitment of the new parts was perfect, so we closed things up and I took it around a few turns.  Instantly I could feel the difference!  Handling seemed much more even and balanced, body roll was noticeably reduced, but it wasn't too harsh to drive.  The added control was easy to feel and I really enjoyed the quick trip around the lot.

Really looking forward to taking my Impreza up on my usual cruise routes to feel it in the turns!


  1. What year STI sway bar was it? I saw on your flickr you tagged 05? I have a 2013 impreza 2.0 and am looking for a sway bar that will fit.

    1. The tag for a '05 on my Flickr is for the Alloy wheels I had just put on. Originally, I just put on a stock Impreza rear sway bar. I replaced this with a 2011-2014 WRX STI rear sway bar (19mm)