Friday, June 12, 2015

RS Revival: Livery Progress

UntitledGetting this car ready for the next Rallycross has been tricky.  In order to get things squared away with the look of this car, we had to get everything nailed down with the body.  No more rust.  If we didn't get every inch of it, the vinyl would just be in vain and need to be removed.  That's not an option, so I've been trying to be as careful as possible getting rid of it all.

I spent much of Throwback Thursday working on my 15-year-old project car.  RalliTek endlinks on the front, repaired the rocker panel metal, camber adjustments in the rear for the rally tires, it was a busy day.  The progress is really coming along nicely, but the clock is ticking down quickly.  The event is two days away, and we only have the front passenger side done!

UntitledAs with the Plasti-Dip Livery I had done before, the dark gray vinyl is strategically hiding the portions of the body that we had repaired.  In fact, the Plasti-Dip was intended to serve as a temporary way to see how the look I envisioned on this car would work out, so it's good to finally have a more permanent design going on the car.  It will take a small miracle to get this car's look done before the event like I had originally planned but, regardless, it'll get done and look great!

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