Tuesday, July 8, 2014

'15 Legacy and Outback Details

The next generation of the Subaru Legacy and Outback are making their way onto dealership lots this summer and there have been some subtle differences I've enjoyed noticing between them.  Below are attached photos of all three 2015 Subaru Legacy trim levels including the 2.5i, Premium, and Limited.  The changes are similar on the Legacy's sister: the Outback.  I was fortunate enough to line all three Legacy models up in the same color: Ice Silver Metallic, so the changes are more obvious to identify.  The easiest external giveaways to spot are as such:

2.5i (Base Model) - Black Grille, no fog lights, black side mirrors, hubcaps on 17" Steel Wheels
2.5i Premium - Matte Silver Grille, no fog lights, Body-colored Side Mirrors, 17" Alloy Wheels
2.5i/3.6R Limited - Matte Silver Grille, fog lights, Side Mirror Markers, 18" Alloy Wheels


More pictures of these three can be found in this Flickr Album> 2015 Subaru Legacy / Outback

IMG_2513I also took some photos comparing the 2014 and 2015 Outback, both in Venetian Red Pearl, to outline the differences.  There are obvious changes, but these photos are lined up so the subtle adjustments can be more noticeable.  Pictures of the front and rear end, side, and wheels illustrate where body lines have shifted but also how the overall shape has remained mostly the same.

Again, those photos can be found in this album>  2015 Subaru Legacy / Outback

At first, I wasn't sure what I'd think of these changes to the Outback and Legacy.  After seeing these in person, and seeing them alongside their predecessors, I'm becoming quite fond of the changes.  Much like the new WRX design, I think seeing these models in person is important to get a feel for them.  Not everyone will like the adjustments in the design, but you can't please everyone!  However, the general reception I've seen from customers who have looked at them here on our lot are impressed not only with how they look, but how they feel out on the road.  It's another great step forward for Subaru in my opinion.

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