Sunday, January 26, 2014

RS Revival: Stitching it Up

Dug into addressing some body issues with the RS the other night with some friends.  Probably the most productive part was banging out the rust, finding where it stopped, and then proceeding to temporarily fix it until we can permanently stop the spread of the rust.  For now, the zip-tie stitches will work just fine.  We tied them through the connection points in the bumper and drilled holes through what was left of the fender.  You can see through the trunk from this hole on the passenger side.  The drivers side isn't quite as bad.

The stitched up edges of the bumper stops them from flapping around in the wind when driving.  It also kept the bumper from sagging.  We also removed the tail lights, as the metal trim piece along the bottom of one of them was starting to rust, too.  There's always the option to go with JDM tail lights (Red/Clear instead of Red/Orange/Clear) but aesthetics are last on the list of needs for this RS right now.

We also took apart the front end to address the damage from our "run-in" with a wall of dirt about a month ago.  On the Drivers side, the corner light was broken and busted into the fender, the headlight (though the glass is intact) broke it's plastic connections and was wedged into the frame, and the front fender was dented down into where the corner light used to be.  We proceeded to remove the grille, other headlight, and other corner light while we were under there while we also tried to address a similar sagging issue of the front bumper, only I don't think it's because of rust.  The connections seem bent/warped that would normally hold the bumper straight.

Finally put the back seat into the RS, so now it's got JDM Version 2 STi front and rear seats installed.  It's surprising how much sound deadening the rear seat does for reducing cabin noise.  Granted, I don't think anyone will actually sit back there, but it's nice to have the interior all wrapped up.

There's a gravel cruise with the NSOC scheduled for the beginning of February and a Rallycross event mid-month that we'll hopefully have the RS buttoned up for.  At least, that's the plan!

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