Saturday, January 4, 2014

'15 WRX STI Debut!

This morning, enthusiasts were greeted with some welcome news: the 2015 Subaru WRX STI will be unveiled on January 14th at the North America Auto Show in Detroit!  There's a countdown page, much like there was for the '15 WRX unveil in November, on Subaru's website.

"For those hungry for track-tested ferocity, tune in right here on January 14. Subaru is set to reveal the evolution of the WRX STI® species. Re-engineered for supreme balance, speed, and handling.

From the engine and suspension down to the leather stitching, the completely redesigned 2015 Subaru WRX STI will make your smile curl, your knuckles stiffen, and your gut feel like it’s riding shotgun. Introducing performance and handling like never before. The all-new 2015 WRX STI. Inspired by racers. Made for us."

No official pictures yet, although fans pretty much know what to expect.  There's also a build sheet from Jalopnik that has a "Launch Edition" WRX STi available that should look something like the blue fella pictured above.  Gold 18" BBS wheels adorn World Rally Blue with a blue-trimmed interior.  As with last time, there will be a live feed from the auto show for the unveil that will be available online (on Subaru's website) and at Subaru dealerships.  Stay tuned for more photos and specs to come!

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