Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Next Stage - "Higgins Blue" STI

When I first picked up my Series.HyperBlue WRX STI in October of 2015, it was the quickest car I had ever owned.  For the first few months of driving, I was convinced the car was driving me around but after I got used to the power, I had a better understanding of how to use it without getting out of sorts.  Shortly after, I had it tuned by a professional to smooth out the power and make the car more predictable to use and have really enjoyed it.  But now it's time to take my "Higgins Blue" STI another notch up.

It took me awhile to even decide if I wanted to start modifying this car at all.  The subtle rumble from the exhaust, the point-and-click passing power, it's still fun.  There's more power that can be tapped into without going bonkers under the hood.  More free-flowing exhaust and boost control can go a long way, so I did a little research through the seemingly endless supply of forums, online stores, and reviews to find some things to get to the next stage.  "Stage 2, Bro!"

Cliche tuner culture remarks aside, I'm getting it all put together this month.  A GrimmSpeed Catless Downpipe, GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shield, GrimmSpeed Electronic Boost Controller, Innovate Wideband, and a ARK GRiP Catback Exhaust should transform how this car moves.  More power, less turbo lag, and better control throughout the powerband... not to mention the music that the ARK GRiP will create out of the Titanium quad tips.  There aren't many other folks in my area using this exhaust either, so getting something unique was a plus.  It also will reduce cabin drone, which will make long trips a little easier on my ears.

Once it's all installed, I'm off to go get it tuned the next day and be ready to roll just in time for the Wednesday Night Meet.  I'll post an update with sound clips once it's all done!

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