Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The 2017 Impreza

On March 23rd, Subaru will unveil the new 2017 Impreza which will not only kick off the 5th Generation design for this model, but also be the first to utilize the new Global Platform!  So why am I posting this on the 22nd?  Because someone at Subaru has an itchy trigger finger.  Behold!

While details will still trickle in about this car after the official release, the design actually does employ a lot of the features seen on the sedan concept that was released before.  The same similarities are shared between the Hatchback concept and the actual version, but here's the thing that people always get hyped up about with the stunning concepts and the let-down production model:  practicality.

Anyone who honestly expected those LED headlights of the concept to make their way on to a production car needs a reality smack to the head.  Did you think those high window lines would provide good outward visibility?  Nope!  So those details obviously get massaged out of the production model.  However, the new Impreza has surprisingly retained many of the lines and cues that the concept had before.
2017 Impreza Sedan Concept

The fender line connected through the doors is still present, adding some depth to a traditionally boring straight line that Subarus have had before.  The lines coming off the grille into the headlight, while muted from their concept agressiveness, are still there.  Even many of the bumper lines are still present with this new design.  I'm still expecting the nay-sayers to say "oh the concept was so much cooler" but they've honestly done a pretty good job of retaining the look they originally portrayed.

Both the Hatchback and Sedan models share the same front-end and styling cues change slightly to round out the rear end to differentiate the two.  The Sedan's sporty styling has a rear wing option while the swept roofline in the hatchback provides a clean and sharp look.  Sport models include silver finish to the grille and fog light bezels.  Standard Imprezas feature LED fog lights while the Sport models offer a larger halogen fog light housing.  Sport models will also continue to feature side-skirt extensions and roof rails.  LED "Boomerang" lights are available on the Limited models for the Sedan and Hatchback.

Sport models are now offered on both the Sedan and Hatchback (previously only the Hatchback had this option).  The Sport models feature a red-stitched interior, much like the current WRX offering.  Other interior upgrades feature a much more stylish design all around, including leather trim on the dashboard.  The new infotainment system, while recently revamped with the 2015 refresh just two years before, expands on connectivity by providing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto bringing integrated smartphone use to owners.

Subaru has made a bold move with the new design, jumping forward in terms of interior and exterior styling with new toys inside to play with. However, they've continued to hold on to what makes the Impreza stand out.  This car still delivers fantastic fuel economy with standard All-Wheel Drive (still the only to offer it in it's segment) and superior safety ratings.  Underneath all this lies Subaru's next-generation Global Platform delivering a chassis that will even rival the advances made in their recent sportscar designs in the WRX and BRZ.  This is also the chassis that will lead the way for all future Subaru models, so not only will these improvements carry over to the Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy, Outback, and WRX, but it will also set a higher benchmark in terms of styling and connectivity that's right in-line with Subaru's Prominence 2020 plan.  More big things are coming for Subaru, and this Impreza is kicking things off in a big way for the company.

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