Monday, November 11, 2013

Double U.R. Ex

This morning, Subaru of America teased WRX fans with a 7 second front-end teaser shot of the new MY2015 WRX that will be coming to us in 2014.

The 4th Generation Subaru WRX will open ordering in the first quarter of 2014, so by the 20th of this month, fans will be able to see what they're getting themselves into.  

Information up until this point has been sketchy at best.  The WRX Concept that was unveiled last Spring gave us some clues, that it'll still share some bits with the 4th Generation Impreza and that there will only be a sedan version of this vehicle... at least for now.  Rumors of the Hatchback being released in Japan only have been surfacing, but in the next few days, Subaru will be stamping out much of the speculation with some long-anticipated facts about this car.

The new WRX will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show on November 20th.  Local Dealerships with the touch-screen displays will have a live feed of the release, as well as press on the SoA website and Facebook page for this exciting release!  

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