Thursday, October 17, 2013

Launch Control - In the End: Part 1

The story that has been unfolding during the first season of Launch Control almost seems scripted with all the drama and suspense it has entailed.  Subaru Rally Team USA and the Subaru/Puma Global RallyCross Team have been battling all throughout Formula Photographic's first series covering these two motorsports with rivals, mechanical issues, and adverse conditions.

In the latest episode, part of a 2-part Finale that will close out 14 Episodes of Launch Control's First Season, SRT USA is battling at the Ojibwe Forests Rally through extremely dusty conditions.  On top of that, their driver has injured his hand... and it only gets worse from there.  With a Championship on the line and Ken Block closing in to dash their hopes of a 5th consecutive win overall, you'd think this series had some great writers.  But this isn't acting, there might not be a big win at the end to close things out on a high note.  The battles fought in GRC and the Rally America series are very real, as are the people involved with them.  

This weekend (October 18th-20th), SRT USA will fight one last time for the 2013 season, so we'll technically know how this story pans out (at least the results) long before Episode #14 airs on October 30th.  On the one hand, it'd be a great way to close out 14 Episodes of Season 1 of Launch Control.  On the other, it's much more important to this team to pull off another win during one of the closest matchups in the Rally America series.

If you've missed any of it, I've got a full listing of this whirlwind of a season's episodes in the "Launch Control" tab up above.  Below is Episode #13, a piece of the 2-part finale.

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