Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Family Grows

Being involved with sales for Omaha's Subaru dealership has been a lot of fun.  Come September 1st, I'll have been here a full year.  In that year, I've managed to switch friends and family over to the "Subie Side".  Part of it is timing.  People I know happen to be looking for cars.  Part of it is support, as my family has been more than encouraging when it comes to this new chapter in my life.  Either way, it's really starting to look like Subarus are "All We'll Drive" when it comes to the people that matter to me.

This week was no exception.  I sold my first 2013 Subaru Legacy to a longtime friend of 17 years and his dad came in the other day to drive off in his new 2014 Subaru Forester.  We've been spending holidays with many of our friends since we moved from New England to the midwest, so they're considered family at this point.  I'm incredibly proud that they trust me, and the product I'm behind, with their vehicles.

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